Ričardas Garbačiauskas

Investigating abstraction – that’s how I’d call my creative work of recent years. This abstract scenery embodies tunes from natural elements with specific emphasis on change of natural forms and processes, as well as their expressive and vital character. Uneasy, even random brushstrokes, their intersections and rhythms are ever-shifting, unpredictable, and altering. In the paintings, dark, contrasting, and anxious silhouettes in lucid backgrounds constitute compositional structures and asymmetric movements without beginning or end. The coloring is temperate, with only few leading colors. This enables desirable mood and highlights emotional tension.


Date of birth: 1956

Education: 1980 Professional painter degree at Vilnius Academy of Arts (former Vilnius Institute of Arts).

Organisational activities, memberships 2009–2015:

Chairman of Šiauliai Artists’ Organization.

From 1992: Member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association.

From 2000: Member of Lions Clubs International, Šiauliai Lions Alka Club.


2012: Šiauliai gallery Laiptai award for the most artistic collection at the annual miniature exhibition.

2011: Šiauliai Municipality award of the Painter of the Year for active participation in exhibitions and developing figurative painting.

2009: Šiauliai Art Gallery award for consistent development of modern painting aesthetics of high artistic level.

2005: Šiauliai Art Gallery award for development of traditional art.

Personal exhibitions:

2022 Restless Silhouettes Panevėžys Art Gallery XX.

2021 Processes II Vilnius City Hall Art Gallery.

2019 Processes Šiauliai County Povilas Višinskis Public Library.

2017 My Own Territories Mark Rothko Art Centre (Latvia), painting.

2016: Autumnal equinox at the Šiauliai Art Gallery, painting.

2016: ProLinija at the Jaroslav municipal Gallery (Poland), painting.

2014: Beyond the Societal at the Lithuanian Artists’ Association gallery Arkos (Vilnius), painting.

2013: Silhouettes at the Šiauliai gallery Laiptai, painting.

2012: Alternating Structures at the Rīga gallery Arkadija and the Daugavpils University gallery (Latvia), painting.

2011: Anxious Space at the Svėdasai library gallery, painting.

2010: Detection of Silence at the gallery of municipal museum of Liepāja (Latvia), painting.

2008: Exhibition at the Daugavpils University gallery (Latvia), painting.

2005: Retrospective exhibition at the Šiauliai University gallery, painting.

2005: Exhibition at Międzyržec Podlaski municipal gallery ES (Poland), painting.

2005: Exhibition at Artists’ Association gallery of Lublin (Poland), painting.

2004: Gravitation of Feelings at the gallery Laiptai in Šiauliai, painting.

Symposia, Plein Airs, Internships:

2020 Silva Linarte International Painting Symposium, (Daugavpils M.Rothko Art Centre,Latvia).

2019: Colours of Vilnius, international painting plein air in Vilnius (Karolina Hotel).

2015: Colours of Vilnius, international painting plein air in Vilnius (Karolina Hotel).

2013: 1st International Šiauliai painting plein air (Šiauliai University gallery).

2010–2012: Šiauliai Montmartre Republic, International plein air in Šiauliai (gallery Laiptai).

2006: 6th International painting plein air in Międzyržec Podlaski (Poland).

2005: Mark Rotho, International plein air in Daugavpils (Latvia).